echo+seashell is a duo consisting of artists Henna Hyvarinen (FI) and Susan Kooi (NL) which has existed in the underground music and art scene based in Amsterdam and Helsinki since 2011. Their collaboration consists of live music performances alongside videos and exhibitions. echo+seashell created a niche of their own that is familiar and alien at the same time. The lyrics and the unsensual stage presence of the duo form the core, the 'baby soul' of echo + seashell. Varying in style and genre, their music is often produced in collaboration with different musicians, such as Islaja and Torus. Performances and presentations of their work took place at a.o. W139, De Appel Arts Centre and Paradiso in Amsterdam, Sorbus and Kiasma museum in Helsinki, Galeria Municipal do Porto in Portugal, PLX music festival in Sweden, Banff Centre in Canada and their music has been played on Pogo Bar Podcast by KW Institute (Berlin), Montez Press Radio (NYC) and NTS radio (London).